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Well Amazon strikes again. Does this company vet any of their business that they select for their amazonlocal.com program.

I have made multiple attempts to utilitize the voucher that I purchased. And with no return phone calls, from the retailer I called the 7th circle of ***, Amazonlocal.com customer service line. To be told again they would need 3-5 days to investigate the situation (this being the 3rd such a phone call to Amazon relating to this issue). After dozens of transfers, I talked to Cheryl who to put it simply, unless Amazonlocal can verify that a company has closed, it is the consumers job to contact Amazon for a refund.

Which I did, but they don't notify the public that made the same purchase when they do indeed know that the vendor does not exist any longer. So they sold 3000+ vouchers at $50 each, for $150,000 in sales that they collect on from the consumer and the consumer gets nothing unless they call and complain a minimum of 3 times.

So if they cannot verify that a company closed they don't contact the consumers to let them know that they cannot use the vouchers, they do not issue a full credit to anyone who complained. Its fraud pure and simply.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #699301

He either doesn't know how to clean a car, or doesn't care. Really ridiculous.

He rinsed the exterior with a power washer, but then barely touched the inside... for which I'm grateful. What he did touch, he did so with what appears to have been a used or dirty rag. Would that were that the only problem: he didn't clean the mats, didn't wipe the dash, didn't do ANY of the nooks and cranny care that you expect from a detail.

He just crapped it up and drove off.

I texted him several times asking him to come back, believing he'd do the decent thing but he never called or texted back (I waited two weeks to write this review). This is a fly-by-night business - he'll take your money, do an awful job, and not care if you ever call him back again.

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